Hoppin' Half-Pints Rabbitry

Netherland Dwarfs
The Gem of the Fancy

Hello and welcome to my page!

I am located in the Golden State of California, along the coast.
At my rabbitry I focus on purebred, show quality Netherland Dwarfs.
I have decided to prioritize my otters and hopefully will have great rabbits.
I strive to create a healthy, friendly rabbit with good conformation and good color. All of my rabbits get to play outside in our bunny-proof yard either every day or every other day. I am also out there constantly, talking to, petting, and holding all of my rabbits.

I breed mainly for show, although occasionally a pet quality rabbit does crop up.
I am a very small rabbitry; limited to 10 holes. This means I have to be VERY picky with my rabbits.

I mostly have Shinobi and Treble Maker lines.

Look for me at shows! I love meeting new people.

Please Note: I do not sell Holiday bunnies. My sales will shut down 3 days before and after Easter and all other major holidays.

Show News:

09/06/14- Alli wins 3 BOV
07/06/14- Fiona wins BOV, BOG
1/25/14~ Napster wins BOV, BOG (1 leg)
1/25/14~ Fire Light wins 2 BOV, BOSG
1/25/14~ Lana wins BOV, BOSV (2 legs)
1/25/14~ Reggie wins BOV, BOSG (1 leg)
12/21/13~3 BOSV~ Shinobi's Lana 
12/21/13~ 3 BOV, 3 BOSG~ N's Fire Light

My rabbitry is registered with the ARBA. I am registered with the ARBA and ANDRC.

Last Updated 1/25/15