About us:

LOCATION: Coastal California

This rabbitry all started with a plea to mom at a 4-H meeting. When the rabbit project was called up to give a report on their meetings and shows, I started vibrating with excitement. Rabbits? I thought, smiling widely. What a cool project! I promptly turned to my mom and asked if I could get a rabbit. To my intense surprise, seeing as she usually said "No!" to these kinds of things, she said, "I'll think about it."
There I was able to weedle her down to accepting the fact that I REALLY wanted to do this. We both agreed that I would have to wait while we find a suitable rabbit and get a hutch for it.
One of my closest friends had just gotten two Mini Rex, one buck and one doe. Of course, this led to a lot of litters. Out of one of these I was able to pick one to keep. I chose a little chocolate doe, and named her Bella.
Well, I admit, I didn't like holding her too much. She was pretty wild, and had sharp claws. We would let her out in our yard to hop and play, which didn't help her feral state.
One day, she disappeared, and never came back.
After that I started looking for another rabbit. I remember at one Field-Day there was a person selling these cute little bunnies with the tiniest ears.
After a stint with a rabbit with the pet store, I finally found a rabbit of my dreams. He was a Siamese Sable Netherland Dwarf, with a gorgeous head and such a tiny little body.
Napster (who is now in bunny heaven) was my reason for creating this rabbitry. I have since expanded, and plan on attending more shows and breeding quality rabbits.