HHP's Primrose
(TM's Napster x Shinobi's Lana)

Black Otter Senior Doe
Ear Tag: PR
DOB: 4/13/13
1 leg (BOSG)

My first homebred doe to get a leg! Really nice, thick ears. Ear placement could be better. Gorgeous hindquarter and coloring. Head does lack roundness, but she has a really nice eye. Thinner bone than her mother.

*Carries dilute, siamese sable, and self*
Shinobi's Lana
(Rieman's Sam Winchester x Shinobi's Xena Warrior Princess)
Black Otter Senior Doe
Ear Tag: SZ
DOB: 7/10/12
2 legs (BOV and BOSV)

My first Netherland Dwarf doe. Nice body. Ears are small, but thin. Head needs width between the eyes. Nice depth of shoulder and a good length of body. VERY dense bone.

*Carries self*
N's Fire Light (Fiona)
(Oscar x Juliet)
Black Tortoise Shell Senior Doe
Ear Tag: OJ1
DOB: 7/21/12

I call her my brick, just because she is so WIDE. Shoulders are very strong. Her head does lack boldness, and her ear set could be better. 

*Carries dilute and REW*

HHP's Alaura (Alli)

(HHP's Primrose x HHP's Reginold)

Blue Young Senior Doe

Ear Tag: RP2

DOB: 07/14/14 


HHP's Effie

(Shinobi's Lana x HHP's Reginold)

Black Otter Young Senior Doe

Ear Tag: RL1

DOB: 07/15/14