rabbittalk.com- This is a great site for people who want to do many things with rabbits; whether you just want a pet, or intend to breed for show, meat, or wool! Very informative, and a very welcoming atmosphere.

arba.net- Home for the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Awesome place to purchase helpful items.

andrc.com- Home for the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club. Great website if you are curious about sanctioned shows, or want to find a breeder!

http://www.ephiny.net/tim/pedigrees/color_calc.php- A great tool to help calculate colors in your litters!

http://bunnytrade.com/content/free-rabbit-pedigree-template- An easy to use pedigree template! Did I mention it's free?

rabbitsmarties.com- Where I get all of my expenses, income, and breeding charts! Really handy for someone just starting out!