Current Litters:

Shinobi's Lana (Black Otter) x HHP's Reginold (Blue)

BORN: July 15, 2014

3 kits

2 black otters (1 DOA, 1 keeper) and 1 black (sold)

Comments: Feeding well, glad to get another live kit out of her. Should mature out nicely.

HHP's Primrose (Black Otter) x HHP's Reginold (Blue)

BORN: July 14, 2014

3 kits

1 blue (keeping), 1 siamese sable (sold), 1 black (sold)

Comments: Fat and sassy litter! Mama's doing a super job.


N's FireLight (Tort) x Comet (Black)
BORN: March 31, 2014
4 kits 
All REWS (Deceased)

N's Fire Light (Tort) x TM's Napster (Siamese Sable)

BORN: October 1, 2013
3 kits (2 deceased, 1 peanut 1 normal)
1 Blue