DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to refuse an offer on a rabbit, and to cancel a sale at any time.

  • I WILL NOT pay for any veterinarian bills after the rabbit has left my care. 
  • Rabbits that die in their new owners care will receive an evaluation; if it seemed to be natural causes, then I will offer another rabbit as a replacement OR will put the new owner on my first class waiting list. If the rabbit died from neglect or abuse, I will NOT refund anything, nor will I supply a replacement. 
  • All pet rabbits sold will be accompanied with a birth certificate, a rabbit care sheet, and a weeks supply of food. The birth certificate will include name, DOB, color, ear tag # (if any), and the names of the parents. PEDIGREES WILL NOT BE SOLD WITH A PET RABBIT.
  • All brood/show quality rabbits will be sold with a pedigree, a rabbit care sheet, and a weeks supply of food.
  • I have an ongoing return policy, if you are unable to keep the rabbit, please contact me instead of sending it to a shelter or rescue.
  • I can not guarantee how a rabbit places in a show, nor can I guarantee their health after they leave my care.
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the available rabbit for any DQ's or health problems before purchase. 
  • If you do buy a rabbit from me, you are subject to this policy, even if you didn't read it.

  • Prices will vary with the quality of the animal. Some general pricing (subject to change):

  • $10-$20 Pet Quality (PQ). These rabbits may not be the best for the show table, but they make great pets! May be older, retired bunnies looking for a good home or a rabbit that I do not think is suitable for show. No pedigree.

    $20-$40 Brood Quality (BQ). These rabbits have good qualities, but may not do so well on the show table. May have cosmetic DQ's. They are great for producing winners though! No/Has (depending on if the person wants this rabbit as a pet) pedigree.

    $40-$60 Show Quality (SQ). These are the rabbits that I believe will win. They are free of DQ's, whether genetic or cosmetic. Comes with a pedigree.

  • RESERVATIONS: Apply to litters or kits that have not been weaned yet. Buyer will supply 1/2 of purchase price (no more, no less) and will pay the second 1/2 after the rabbit is ready to go to it's new home. Any buyers that fail to supply the second half of the purchase price and/or did not pick up the animal will be removed from the reservation list and the reservation money will not be refunded. The animal for sale will be immediately put up as available again.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Email is [email protected]